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All Beats/Riddim Tracks on MJHmusik.com are available for Non-Exclusive licensing. By purchasing these beats, you agree to the terms set forth in the non-exclusive license agreement.

Note: We also have some Beats/Riddim Tracks that are available for Exclusive licensing. Please see the available list on the beats page. You can also contact us VIA email for further information.

What you need to know:

Licensor = Producer/Company selling the Beat/Riddim Track.
Licensee = Client/Person buying the Beat/Riddim Track.
Non-exclusive = The Beat/Riddim Track is leased to the client/you, but is owned by The Licensor.
Exclusive Rights = The Beat/Riddim is sold to only one client/you to use on all projects.

Purchasing an exclusive license, allow you the buyer, to use the beat/track for any and all profitable projects. These rights can only be sold to one person. Once the beat is bought exclusively, it is removed from the page/website within 7 days and it cannot be sold again. Also, it will no longer be available for non-exclusive licensing or download from the site. An exclusive licenses, is recommended if you are going to be working on a major production, CD or for long term use. Please review the exclusive License agreement

Non-exclusive licenses:
Is recommended for small projects and demos. You may also use it for limited download and distribution of your song, for promotional use. Please review the non-exclusive License agreement.

Upon purchasing a license, you must sign and return the signed license agreement to:MJHmusik, P.O. Box 3507, Brockton, MA 02301.A signed copy of license agreement must be received within 7 business days after purchased.

How to Order - Help

1. To purchase a Beat/Riddim Track “Non-Exclusive Licenses”, just click on the check box “Buy Now”. You can also select multiple Tracks by selecting the “Download” check box.

2. If you are purchasing an “Exclusive Licenses”, just click on the check box “Buy Now”. NOTE: For exclusive licenses, once the purchase/check out process is completed, you will get a special link that will list all the individual tracks of the beat. You can un-check individual songs that you do not wish to purchase and if you are finished shopping, just click on Add to Cart.

3. After making your selections, click on Add to Cart, you will now be able to remove/add items from or to your shopping cart. If there were beats that you wanted, but they were not added to your shopping cart, you can always click on continue shopping to go back and select those beats. After changes are made to your shopping cart, please click on the “update” button for the changes to take effect.

4. If you would like to listen/sample track before you make your purchase, just click on the play button to hear the track.

All Beats/Riddim Tracks listed for purchasing are available to be downloaded instantly, after purchase is made. All non-exclusive license purchases are available in mp3/wave format and all exclusive license purchases are available in a single zip file, with all tracks in wave files format. You will download a single zip file to your computer and unzip the zip file, which will also include the track sheet, information and instructions. Another alternative is we can provide the tracks on a CD as wave files. Please contact us via e-mail for more information.

Note: There will be an added cost of $10 for shipping the CD to you within the US and $30 for international/worldwide.Please add this cost to your checkout price.

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