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Digital Distribution − CD/DVD

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Legal Notice: In order for MJHmusik to distribute your Digital Downloads and sell your CD/DVD, you must be the legal copyright owner of the music or is given written authorization and is allowed to sell the music by the copyright owner. Click Here For Our Privacy Notice.

. To proceed, please click HERE to create your account.
 Note: When creating your account, please input accurate information, i.e., full name, mailing address, email address and phone number. This information is very important for your payments. There are 2 payments options available: PayPal and payment by check through the mail.

. Once your account is created, we will review the information provided and at that point you will be able to upload your music to our website or send us your music.
. Your profile on our site will include your images and sound clips of your music.
. As an Artist on MJHmusik.com, you may also be listed as a featured Artist on the main page. This includes your dingles of albums if available.
. You will not only be profiled on MJHmusik.com, but on all of our affiliate’s websites as well.
. You will have full access to your account at all times.

Your Rights:
. MJHmusik does not have any legal rights to your music, except in an event, that you are an exclusive MJHmusik artist and the music in question was produced and own by MJHmusik.
. The binding contract between you and MJHmusik is for distribution only, unless otherwise agreed upon.
. The percentage we keep for your Digital Downloads & your CD/DVD, is solely based on the agreement in place between you and MJHmusik. This agreement can be altered/changes if both parties are in agreement.
. There will never be a hidden fee or cost to you, we will always honor the agreement in place.
. You will be paid bi-weekly or monthly or if your balance goes up over $25.00
. There are 2 payments options available: PayPal and payment by check through the mail
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