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  1. To purchase a download, just click on the check box "Buy Now". You can also select multiple songs by selecting each song separately. If you are purchasing an entire album, you can select the check box from the heading "Download" and all the tracks listed will be automatically selected. You can un-check individual songs that you do not wish to purchase and if you are finished shopping, just click on Add to Cart.
  2. After making your selections, click on Add to Cart, you will now be able to remove/add items from or to your shopping cart. If there were songs that you wanted, but they were not added to your shopping cart, you can always click on continue shopping to go back and select those songs. After changes are made to your shopping cart, please click on the "update" button for the changes to take effect.
  3. If you would like to listen/sample music before you make your purchase, just click on the play button to hear the song.
  4. Note: you can search for music by Song Title, Artists Name or Album Title.
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  We accept all major credit cards through PayPal. You do not have to be a PayPal member to make a payment using your credit cards. One you have completed your purchase, you will be automatically redirected to MJHmusik.com
   Songs TitleArtist NameAlbum NamePreviewPriceDownload
Ochi Instr
MJHmusik Ochi Part 1$ .99Buy Now
Ochi Part Instr
MJHmusik Ochi Part 2$ .99Buy Now
Velvet Accusation$ .99Buy Now
Officermann Alt mix
Velvet Accusation$ .99Buy Now
One For My Money
Nicky Silk The Press On Story$ .99Buy Now
Ordinary Girl
Takeyce - Ti Sit and Listen Part 2$ .99Buy Now
Pzed Ochi Part 1$ .99Buy Now
Own Bit
Mitch Ochi Part 1$ .99Buy Now
Press On
Velvet The Press On Story$ .99Buy Now
Press On Alt Mix
Velvet The Press On Story$ .99Buy Now
Protect Your Children
Barrington Turner The Press On Story$ .99Buy Now
Push Out
DaMeek Accusation$ .99Buy Now
Push Out
DaMeek Mi Energy$ .99Buy Now
Rainy Date
Jah Lewis Sit and Listen Part 2$ .99Buy Now
Mitch Sit and Listen Part 2$ .99Buy Now
Rough Out There
Keke I The Press On Story$ .99Buy Now
Sad Song
Jah Lewis What An Experience$ .99Buy Now
Sad Song Mix 2
Jah Lewis $ .99Buy Now
Send Us Your Blessings
Amory I will Share Your Burden$ .99Buy Now
Shop Keeper
Twin Of Twins
Sit and Listen Part 1$ .99Buy Now

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